Mark Austin ex Bali

You may have read “stories” about me, by the hand of Mark Austin, that I am supposed to be a Pedophile, and all kind of other lies. They appear on a few websites, some “anonymous”, some not. My “Pedophile story” appears next to other stuff he publishes about people, and also Bali, where he he just has one thing in mind, to destroy reputations, and if needed, by spreading lies.

Mark Austin likes to present himself as someone who feels responsible and cares, but I can assure you there is little he does that is not in one or another way aimed to hurt someone, somewhere.

Whatever personality disorder drives Mark Austin to live the life he lives, I leave to the professionals, as well as the legal consequences they may have.

Mark Austin leaves a trail of misery and arguments, and confuses “Freedom of Speech” with “Freedom to be an asshole as long as I can get away with it”.

And That’s it.