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Hank Freid, a case of SERM

Please note, this article is not intended to judge Hank Freid or his business, its just to show you something about Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). Today, a (spam) post was made on the Bali Expat Forum, where "Hank Freid News" posted something a bit off topic (from a Pakistan IP address). The signature of the poster had a link to ... ► Read all : Hank Freid, a case of SERM

Google and DMCA

I filed a few DMCA complaints with Google. I already for years have found people copying content of my site(s), but some time ago I started to realize those copies could influence my website rankings. Read something about duplicate content here: SEOChat about Duplicate Content Penalties Google Webmaster Central about Duplicate Content Search Engine Journal about Duplicate Content and Ranking So, it would ... ► Read all : Google and DMCA

If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

There are various methods people can use to sabotage a website. You can of course hire someone to hack a website, but you can also try to sabotage the search engine rankings of a site. "Black Hat" SEO it’s called. And, you can start sending spam from email addresses which seem to originate form the domain owned by someone you don't ... ► Read all : If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

Google Forum

Since a month or so I regularly participate in the Google's Webmaster Forum Sometimes Google employees participate, and thats nice, but the core of active people you find here: Cass-Hacks - Powerful XHTML DHTML presentation and accessibility tools (profile) Christina - Accessible design and development (profile) Dockarl - BlixKrieg Wordpress Theme (profile) JHL - JHL web design (profile) JohnMu - Search Engine Tools (profile) Webado - Web ... ► Read all : Google Forum

Reputation Management on the Net, SERM

Just recently there was a thread about reputation management on WebMasterWorld. Reputation Management seems a big enough business to be on its own nowadays, although it is probably more likely part of a professional SEO company. People or businesses can run into reputation problems because of many reasons. They may be accused of real wrong doings, they may run into a ... ► Read all : Reputation Management on the Net, SERM