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Google and DMCA

I filed a few DMCA complaints with Google. I already for years have found people copying content of my site(s), but some time ago I started to realize those copies could influence my website rankings. Read something about duplicate content here: SEOChat about Duplicate Content Penalties Google Webmaster Central about Duplicate Content Search Engine Journal about Duplicate Content and Ranking So, it would ... ► Read all : Google and DMCA

Google provides thieves relevant SERPS

Two "amateur" burglars had a lot of the needed attributes to enter Mr Biggs Family Fun Center, such as keys, pass codes, and even safe combinations, reports the Gazette. However, knowledge to open the safe was lacking. After a comical act to disable the security cameras, they Googled for "how to open a safe", "how to crack a safe" and ... ► Read all : Google provides thieves relevant SERPS