Nokia E71 wins from Apple Iphone

A few months ago I bought an (2G) Iphone, Unlocked and Jailbreaked it, thanks O2 UK.

Ofcourse the Iphone is a nice thing, cool and smooth user interface, and a very good browser. One of the reasons was a much better browser than the Internet Explorer in my HTC Touch, then… This mobile IE couldnt display the Expat Forum very well, and seeing it on an iPhone was, well, just like home…

But, a few weeks ago I saw Nokia Maps. And guess what? It offers GPS navigation in Bali. I installed it on my 2nd phone, a Nokia E61i, and could do routeplanning from Buleleng to Badung!

This, the ability to be used as an USB modem for 3G and 3.5G networks, and Opera Mini for Symbian made me want a Nokia E71.

I ordered one from Expansys (Europe) and paid with Paypal. Wrong. It took 8 days fro the order to complete, while Paypal kept the money, in order to “clear it”. I was a frustrated impuls buyer. I sold the iPhone pretty quickly (allthough it was the old 2G version, and its ad was amongst scamartist iPhone sellers on Marktplaats).

It looks fine, the E71. Its smaller then the E61i, but the keyboard and screen are good to work with. I hated the iPhone keyboard. Often, if I tried to type fast, the autocorrect of the iPhone garbled my text to what it thought to be right. And, I was still learning the iPhone to spell Indonesian and Dutch together with English.

But the E71 is still a bit buggy, I think. And although it had raving reviews, there are enough users having problems too. One of the frustrating things is Gmail. On the E61i it worked great, but the E71 insists to download ALL the mail in my Gmail inbox (2800 mails), instead of the only 20 (or whatever you want) needed on the E61i (if you want to do automatic retrieval). And with a 2800 mail Gmail inbox, the E71 becomes slow. Very dissapointing. Now, I can’t use automatic email notification, at least I didn’t find a way howto yet.

And, the Nokia Maps on the E61i seemed rather free, but on the E71 I couldn’t get around paying Nokia something for route planning and voice guidance. And this “feature” cost me more money then I thought. I got expensive SMS messages after each routeplanning attempt :(

Now I am looking at Garmin stuff, see how that works. They have an Indonesian map, and I tried the Netherlands, this seems to work fine.

Ok, the E71 has its flaws, Gmail being the worst for my kinda use, and there are some bugs to be ironed out in future E71 firmware updates, but its a worthy replacement for the iPhone. Ok. I am not so cool anymore, but at least I can type fast.

Android, anyone? With hardware video acceleration, full Flash and Windows Streaming Media support, and a “real” keyboard?

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