Google and DMCA

I filed a few DMCA complaints with Google. I already for years have found people copying content of my site(s), but some time ago I started to realize those copies could influence my website rankings. Read something about duplicate content here:

SEOChat about Duplicate Content Penalties

Google Webmaster Central about Duplicate Content

Search Engine Journal about Duplicate Content and Ranking

So, it would be time to do something about it. I also could choose to rewrite the content as soon as I found a copy, but hee, that would be free copy writing for others.

There is an easy way to find out if people are copying content from your site. You can, by using exact phrase searches, find the copies, but also by setting up email alerts with your Google account. Its fun to see the offenders sites reported automatically when they are indexed by Google. You can also use the service to find out if something is written about you, or others. A great service by Google.

Using a sample letter such as you can find here: Google DMCA Cease and Desist Letter I send a few faxes, and waited for a response from Google.

You don’t’ get acknowledgments if they have received your fax, which makes you wonder if it has arrived or not.

Finally I received my first response after a few weeks, it was about a blogspot site that had copied my whole page, including pictures. The blog was already removed however.

Then, after almost a month, the rest of the DMCA complaints were handled by Google. I received a few emails, asking for clarification, and telling me a fax could not be read correctly. The Google employee was very friendly.

So, after all my doubts something was really done, Google DMCA complaints work. Pfieuw.

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