Out in Singaraja

Today Dewi and I had a visit from Ina and Allan, another moderator from the Bali Expat Forum. Now we just miss Freogirl (Karen) and then all the mods have all visited the North :)


Allan and Ina

Ina and Allan , Singaraja Harbor

While Dewi had examinations (she studies law), Ina (Allans wife), Allan and I had a very hot Tom Yam soup, Ikan Bakar and Udang Asem Manis at Singaraja harbor, enjoying the sunset.

Singaraja Sunset

Singaraja Sunset

Later Dewi joined us, and we went to Lovina. To satisfy Peter Turner we went to the Jax Bar, where we found a “tourist” playing the Saxophone.

Dewi Ina Allan

Walking through Lovina, Ina, Allan and Dewi


Jax Bar Lovina

Jax Bar Lovina



Ina, in our House


Allan, Singaraja Harbor

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