Archive for August 1st, 2007

Neil and Jogry in Dencarik

Today Allan, Ina and I paid a little visit to Neil and Jogry in Dencarik (North Bali). Neil and Jogry show more energy than many at half or less their age. Neil is over 80.... Neil explains to Allan   Neil and Jogry, always kidding   Old style Karaoke, Neil sings Old Australian Folk Songs together with the Pianola Neil shows his boat to Allan On the ... ► Read all : Neil and Jogry in Dencarik

Out in Singaraja

Today Dewi and I had a visit from Ina and Allan, another moderator from the Bali Expat Forum. Now we just miss Freogirl (Karen) and then all the mods have all visited the North :)   Ina and Allan , Singaraja Harbor While Dewi had examinations (she studies law), Ina (Allans wife), Allan and I had a very hot Tom Yam soup, Ikan ... ► Read all : Out in Singaraja