Out in Lovina

Yesterday (and today) Matsaleh (moderator of the expat forum) and her son Reece visited us (my wife Dewi and I), and we had diner in Kwizien, a restaurant in Lovina, since a short while owned by Rick and Gonda from the Netherlands. Its not the cheapest restaurant in town, but definately worth a visit if you are in the North of Bali. Great steaks!

Dewi in Kwizien

Dewi in Kwizien

After that we had a few drinks in Cantin 21, and both Dewi and Reece sung with the band. Was it Balifornication, or Califonication? A few of us ended up with headaches the next morning…

Mats and Dewi

Mats (Linda) and Dewi in Cantin 21


Reece (on the right : - )


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