If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

There are various methods people can use to sabotage a website. You can of course hire someone to hack a website, but you can also try to sabotage the search engine rankings of a site. “Black Hat” SEO it’s called.

And, you can start sending spam from email addresses which seem to originate form the domain owned by someone you don’t like, in the hope the domain gets blacklisted somehow.

Some “popular” methods to “harm” site rankings are to use 302 redirects from another domain, in order to make search engines think that that other domain is actually the original. Search engines used to be vulnerable to this hack, even Google itself suffered one time from this hack.

And you can make use of weak spots in the structure and workings of a website in order to create duplicate pages, so rankings may suffer.

Or, you can add the website to many questionable web directories, so search engines may think you are trying to influence rankings.

If those methods, (and there are more than just the few I just mentioned) are successful is questionable, search engines like Google say that it is almost impossible for others to hurt your website rankings.

Read here: http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/014057.html

Today I found some directory submits, with a “wrong url” of one of my sites, but made with my email address. An attempt to “bowl” that domain. Thank God some of the directories ask for confirmation, and even show the IP address of the person that has submitted the data. That IP address was which points to http://www.california-loans.biz/ and is owned by a “Daniel Hadani” a (fake) name you find a lot in relation to WIPO disputes, and this particular domain is an obvious sample of a spam domain, mostly linked to by other spam domains. If you type the ip address in your browser however, you end up with a company named “Quadra Website Promotions”. Interesting.

I guess this has all been initiated by someone who doesn’t like me very much…..

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One Response to “If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

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    Servcorp Virtual Office
    March 1st, 2008 12:23

    It’s not hard to beat your competitors with the use of good SEO
    I guess some people can’t be bothered doing it the right way and choose to sabotage. You should report the “california-biz” site.

    Wish you all the best buddy.


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