Google Forum

Since a month or so I regularly participate in the Google’s Webmaster Forum

Sometimes Google employees participate, and thats nice, but the core of active people you find here:

Cass-Hacks - Powerful XHTML DHTML presentation and accessibility tools (profile)
Christina - Accessible design and development (profile)
Dockarl - BlixKrieg Wordpress Theme (profile)
JHL - JHL web design (profile)
JohnMu - Search Engine Tools (profile)
Webado - Web Hosting and Design Canada (profile)
Phil Payne - Website rescue, redesign and maintenance (profile)
Red Cardinal - Search Engine Optimization in Ireland (profile)
DJC (Dori) - We’re coming to Wisconsin (profile)
Sebastian’s Blog (profile)

And of course Adam Lasnik (profile)

And, people from the Google Webmaster forum maintain a nice blog too : Webmaster Help Blog

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