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Out in Lovina

Yesterday (and today) Matsaleh (moderator of the expat forum) and her son Reece visited us (my wife Dewi and I), and we had diner in Kwizien, a restaurant in Lovina, since a short while owned by Rick and Gonda from the Netherlands. Its not the cheapest restaurant in town, but definately worth a visit if you are in the North ... ► Read all : Out in Lovina

If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

There are various methods people can use to sabotage a website. You can of course hire someone to hack a website, but you can also try to sabotage the search engine rankings of a site. "Black Hat" SEO it’s called. And, you can start sending spam from email addresses which seem to originate form the domain owned by someone you don't ... ► Read all : If you don’t like someone: Website Sabotage!

Google provides thieves relevant SERPS

Two "amateur" burglars had a lot of the needed attributes to enter Mr Biggs Family Fun Center, such as keys, pass codes, and even safe combinations, reports the Gazette. However, knowledge to open the safe was lacking. After a comical act to disable the security cameras, they Googled for "how to open a safe", "how to crack a safe" and ... ► Read all : Google provides thieves relevant SERPS

Google Forum

Since a month or so I regularly participate in the Google's Webmaster Forum Sometimes Google employees participate, and thats nice, but the core of active people you find here: Cass-Hacks - Powerful XHTML DHTML presentation and accessibility tools (profile) Christina - Accessible design and development (profile) Dockarl - BlixKrieg Wordpress Theme (profile) JHL - JHL web design (profile) JohnMu - Search Engine Tools (profile) Webado - Web ... ► Read all : Google Forum

Reputation Management on the Net, SERM

Just recently there was a thread about reputation management on WebMasterWorld. Reputation Management seems a big enough business to be on its own nowadays, although it is probably more likely part of a professional SEO company. People or businesses can run into reputation problems because of many reasons. They may be accused of real wrong doings, they may run into a ... ► Read all : Reputation Management on the Net, SERM

I am Bert

My first post. I can edit or delete it, and maybe start blogging! ► Read all : I am Bert